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USAWOA Pre-Authorization Print Order Form for Eagles Rising

United States Army

Warrant Officers Association

The Quiet Professionals®

462 Herndon Pkwy, Suite 207, Herndon, VA 20170-5235

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January 10, 2018




I am writing this letter to you, because in the past you purchased prints of the USAWOA paintings “The Quiet Professional” and “Let Go,” with the identical number of   __ .  We want to afford you the opportunity to pre-purchase a print of USAWOA’s latest painting, “Eagles Rising,” with the same print number before opening up sales to other Members and eventually the public at large.


Ambitious in scope, “Eagles Rising seeks to encompass 100 years of our history – from our humble beginnings as mine planters in World War I, and through every conflict since, as eagles rising to become the technical experts we are at today’s leadership table.  USAWOA hopes all who view this painting will see a part of themselves depicted, or that it evokes a fond memory of someone they have counted on and perhaps loved in the past…A Warrant Officer…A Quiet Professional®…

As reported in the January 2018 Newsliner, the cost of the print is $250 (inclusive of shipping and handling charges).  Pre-purchased prints will be mailed out immediately (yours, to the address above) following the official unveiling of the painting in July 2018, coinciding with the 100th birthday of the Warrant Officer Corps.


There will only be 2,000 signed, numbered prints made available in total.  Between now and February 28, 2018, the pre-purchase of the prints is only open to you and approximately 100 others.  This will ensure your opportunity to own all three USAWOA painting prints, with identical numbers.  Beginning on March 1, 2018 all remaining numbers will be made available to all USAWOA Lifetime Members, until April 30, 2018.  Beginning May 1, 2018, pre-sales will be open to all USAWOA Members until the July unveiling, after which sales will be open to the public.


To secure your guaranteed numbered print, please fill out the form below, and return this letter to USAWOA national headquarters prior to February 28, 2018.  Please contact us, using the information in the letterhead above, with any questions you may have.




Jack Du Teil

Executive Director



Limited Edition Framed, Signed & Numbered “Eagles Rising” Order Form


__  I am enclosing a check for $250 (Made out to “USAWOA”) for a signed and numbered Eagles Rising Print (VA resident’s add 6% sales tax of $15 for a total of $265).  Image size is 18” x 24”.  Cost includes Shipping.

__  Please add a Gold Contemporary Frame for an additional $625.00 for total cost of  $875.00 (VA residents add $52.50 for a total of $927.50). Image size: 18″ x 24″.   Overall framed size: 23″ x 28″.  Cost Includes Shipping.

__  Please add a Black Contemporary Frame for an additional $625.00 for total cost of  $875.00 (VA residents add $52.50 for a total of $927.50). Image size: 18″ x 24″.   Overall framed size: 23″ x 28″.  Cost Includes Shipping.


I am paying by (circle one):        Visa        MasterCard        American Express      Discover      Check


Card number:_____________________________.  Expiration date and CVV code:___________   Billing Zipcode:________


Name on card:__________________________________


Shipping & Billing Address (print clearly)


Street Address:________________________________________________________.

Billing Address:________________________________________________________.

Contact Phone Number: __________________________________________________.



*      Professionalism       *        Representation        *        Recognition     *

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