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San Diego Air & Space Museum


San Diego Air & Space Museum Gets Apollo 11 Art by Todd Krasovetz


San Diego Air & Space Museum News Apollo 11 Painting by Todd Krasovetz

Renowned artist Todd Krasovetz recently loaned a special painting depicting the 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the San Diego Air & Space Museum.


Krasovetz’s Past Commissions

In the past, Krasovetz’s work has also been commissioned. Specifically, by Disney (ABC & Lifetime Army Wives), the US Army, Navy, USAF, Marine Corps, NYIT, Rady’s Children’s Hospital of San Diego, USAWOA, and many others.

“Launchpad to Legacy” Space Art

His work proudly hangs at various facilities around the world. The Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, Navy Bases and Installations throughout the United States. Todd’s work is also be seen in several veteran hospitals. His most recent work titled “Apollo 11 50th Anniversary of NASA’s Lunar Landing” is the first original oil painting in a series titled “Launchpad to Legacy” Space Art.


Historical Accuracy Behind the Art

The authenticity of the realism of the artwork is a key factor that has allowed Krasovetz to facilitate collections for individuals, as well as college and corporate clients around the world. His reputation as an artist is based on integrity and professionalism and the historical accuracy behind his artistic creations. Learn More

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