Nellis Air Force Base | United States Air Force Art Installation by Todd Krasovetz

Nellis Air Force BaseNellis Air Force Base
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Nellis Air Force Base

Air base in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada
Nellis Air Force Base is a United States Air Force installation in southern Nevada with military schools and more squadrons than any other USAF base.

The Nellis AFB mission of advanced combat training for composite strike forces is commonly conducted in conjunction with air and grounds units of the ArmyNavyMarine Corps and allied forces. The base also supports operations at the nearby Creech Air Force Base, the Tonopah Test Range and the Nevada National Security Site. Nellis ground systems for range operations (e.g., by callsign “Nellis Control”) include the Computer and Computed Subsystem used to receive microwave signals from the NTTR Ground-Based Stations of the Tracking and Communications Subsystem (TCS) for presentation on Nellis’ Display and Debrief SubSystem (DDS).[3]



Nellis Air Force Base Commissioned Artwork by Todd Krasovetz (3 of 4 original oil paintings)

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