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Military Art by Military Artists Todd Krasovetz. Title “Wings of Hope” Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital

Thank you all who serve for this great nation and our allies. Your selfless sacrifice and patriotism does not go unnoticed. Official Military Art, the military art found here and military artist Todd Krasovetz understands and respects what you all do each day to keep our nation safe.

Your commitment, dedication and continued loyalty is as equally important. This website is dedicated to you. The artists work here is intended to celebrate all branches of service, current active duty service men and women, past, present and future generations.


Military Artist, Art Gifts for Veterans and Active Duty Military by Todd Krasovetz


military artistsRenown artist, Todd Krasovetz work has been commissioned by Disney, (ABC,& Lifetime Army Wives), US Army, Navy, USAF, Marine Corps, NYIT, Rady’s Children’s Hospital of San Diego, USAWOA, and many others.

Todd’s work proudly hangs at various Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, Navy Bases. His work can also be seen in several veteran hospitals throughout the US, for example.


The authenticity of the artwork is a key factor that has allowed Todd Krasovetz to facilitate collections for individuals, as well as college and corporate clients. The reputation as an artist is based on integrity and professionalism and the historical accuracy behind the art created.


Visual art is considered to be created by the passion for the art by the creator. Primarily, for intellectual and aesthetic purposes. It is up to the viewer to judge if it’s beauty and meaningfulness is revealed” – Todd Krasovetz



BREAKING NEWS! Artist Todd Krasovetz  Paints the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Lunar Moon Landing. ORDER YOUR FRAMED PRINT NOW!!


ISS astronauts



Apollo 11 art print framed double signature of ISS Expedition Commander Alexey Ovchinin and by Artist Todd Krasovetz 22 x 26
Apollo 11 art print framed double signature of ISS Expedition Commander Alexey Ovchinin and by Artist Todd Krasovetz 22 x 26 Learn More
Apollo 11 art print framed double signature of ISS Expedition Commander Alexey Ovchinin and by Artist Todd Krasovetz 22 x 26

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 art print framed double signature of ISS Expedition Commander Alexey Ovchinin and by Artist Todd Krasovetz 22 x 26.


Print Details:

Apollo 11 Art Print on the ISS Expedition Commander by Todd Krasovetz with bottom text arrows
Apollo 11 Art Print on the ISS Expedition Commander by Todd Krasovetz with bottom text arrows

1. Print of Original Artwork (Oil Painting) by Artist Todd Krasovetz

2. Used recycled paper Back side of page used in ISS work routine (You can see on the print the work routine) showing through to the 5oth Anniversary of Apollo 11 print on the front.

3. Round hand stamp"Russian Segment of the ISS" with date 20th July, 2019
4. Main ISS octogonal hand stamp "Board of The International Space Station"
5. Cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin signature
In blue arrows outside station:
6. Fragment of Sygnus USA cargo ship docked to ISS
7. Fragment of Canadian robot arm (Canadarm2)
$23.10 (tax) + $35.00 (shipping)
Total: $338.09

Why NASA’s 50th Anniversary Piece of Apollo 11 by Artist Todd Krasovetz?


As Seen on NBC News art commemorating NASA’s 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 aired on 7.20.2019. CLICK on the image above and right to view artist Todd Krasovetz NBC news publication aired segment.


Artist Todd Krasovetz speaks to NBC News about Apollo 11














Since the dawn of time, man was able to utilize tools and evolve over the centuries, the ever-recurring goal was to explore, to expand the horizons or push the limits for both survival and sacrifice.  Starting with the voyage that brought explorers to the “New World”, the goal was to push the limits out into the unknown, into treacherous waters with the hope of settling into new territories, to create a new beginning.


Beginning Explorers


These great explorers looked to the sea in awe, with intrigue and a drive to expand and explore many centuries ago. Now our latest generations have shifted this paradigm to the skies, to space and beyond.  Again to explore the unknown, push the limits, to create a new beginning for a new generation, which has and will provide a glimpse of hope to settle into new territories, beyond this planet.  The fine men and women, our explorers, are known as Astronauts.


Popularity of Astronauts in the late 1950 & 1960’s

For many astronauts, the drive and determinations to become a part of the elite explorers started as a part of their childhood.  The popularity of the astronauts exploded in the late 1950 and 1960’s with one triumphant feat that not only accomplished “one small step for man” but also changed the worlds view on space travel forever.



Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins


These 3 men, along with an entire nation accomplished something that was thought the impossible, pushed the limits against all the odds to beat the then USSR to the moon, causing a domino effect that eventually entitled our nation as “space supremacy”.


July 19, 1969 Lunar Landing


If this day on July 19, 1969 did not happen, or if the Russians beat us to the punch, or the mission failed, who knows where our nation would be today. It was because of this monumental achievement our nation has and will continue to encourage a robust space program. The lunar landing has and will continue to provide dreams for our youth, to recruit the best and the brightest of our pilots, to join the elite explorers of the past and future to continue to look to the stars. Please check back often as the original is currently in production. Learn More


The United States Marine Corps Drum & Bugle Corps Art Commission by Walter Reed National Army Medical Center

So very proud of this portrait dedication in 2013.
Thanks to the artist Todd Krasovetz the Oakleaf Club, the “The Commandant’s Own,” The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps and of course, our Docs.


Marine Corps art
Corpsman Up oil on Canvas by Todd Krasovetz. Dedicated to all who serve at the Battle of Ramadi.


2018 Military Art News- USAWOA Commission’s Todd Krasovetz to Paint “Eagles Rising”

In 2018, Official Military Art, LLC made headlines when USAWOA commissioned artist Todd Krasovetz. As a result, the success of the artwork created grew in popularity. Consequently, the artist and the USAWOA president and staff, decided to produce limited edition prints for sale, titled “EAGLES RISING”


Army Art
Original Military Art Oil Painting by Todd Krasovetz. Title “Eagles Rising” Commissioned by the USAWOA.


Proven History Of Success


As a result of this successes, we want to afford you the opportunity to purchase a print of USAWOA latest painting titled, “Eagles Rising,” Click HERE to pre-order your limited edition print. Select drop-down below for frame ordering. Order Now!

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