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Welcome to Official Military Art, by artist Todd Krasovetz.

Thank you for visiting Official Military Art, the military art & artists, here is dedicated to producing the finest, military fine art, paintings, prints, posters & gifts for all branches of the military.

Including, providing framed artwork for various veterans museums & installations around the world. Furthermore, entities such as, Air Force, Army & Navy military bases, Government facilities, NASA & Veterans hospitals & centers worldwide.



Why Official Military Art?

Thank you all who serve for this great nation and our allies. Your selfless sacrifice and patriotism does not go unnoticed. Official Military Art, the military art found here and military artist Todd Krasovetz understands and respects what you all do each day to keep our nation safe.


military artDedicated to serving fine art to the Military for over 20 years

Your commitment, dedication and continued loyalty is as equally important to artist Todd Krasovetz. This website is dedicated to all who serve, past and present. The artists’ work here is intended to celebrate all branches of service, current active duty service men and women, past, present and future generations.


Military Artist, Art Gifts for Veterans and Active Duty Military by Todd Krasovetz- Titled “Wings Of Hope”


military art Military Art Titled Wings Of Hope by Artist Todd Krasovetz


Why Artist Todd Krasovetz?

Renown artist, Todd Krasovetz work has been commissioned by Disney, (ABC,& Lifetime Army Wives), US Army, Navy, USAF, Marine Corps, NYIT, Rady’s Children’s Hospital of

San Diego, USAWOA, and many others. 


Todd’s work proudly hangs at various Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, Navy Bases. His work can also be seen in several veteran hospitals throughout the US, and is located in the San Diego Air & Space Museum.


The authenticity of the artwork is a key factor that has allowed Todd Krasovetz to facilitate collections for individuals, as well as college and corporate clients. That said, reputation as an artist is based on integrity and professionalism and the historical accuracy behind the art created.


Artist Philosophy

Visual art is considered to be created by the passion for the art by the creator. Primarily, for intellectual and aesthetic purposes. It is up to the viewer to judge if it’s beauty and meaningfulness is revealed” – Todd Krasovetz




BREAKING NEWS! Artist Todd Krasovetz Paints the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Lunar Moon Landing. Now on Display at the San Diego Air & Space Museum


Apollo 11 Collectible Framed Giclee Print



Apollo 11 art print framed double signature of ISS Expedition Commander Alexey Ovchinin and by Artist Todd Krasovetz 22 x 26 Learn More

Apollo 11 art print framed double signature of ISS Expedition Commander Alexey Ovchinin and by Artist Todd Krasovetz 22 x 26

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 art print framed double signature of ISS Expedition Commander Alexey Ovchinin and by Artist Todd Krasovetz 22 x 26.


Print Details:

Apollo 11 Art Print on the ISS Expedition Commander by Todd Krasovetz with bottom text arrows

Apollo 11 Art Print on the ISS Expedition Commander by Todd Krasovetz with bottom text arrows

1. Print of Original Artwork (Oil Painting) by Artist Todd Krasovetz

2. Used recycled paper Back side of page used in ISS work routine (You can see on the print the work routine) showing through to the 5oth Anniversary of Apollo 11 print on the front.

3. Round hand stamp”Russian Segment of the ISS” with date 20th July, 2019
4. Main ISS octogonal hand stamp “Board of The International Space Station”
5. Cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin signature
In blue arrows outside station:
6. Fragment of Sygnus USA cargo ship docked to ISS
7. Fragment of Canadian robot arm (Canadarm2)
$23.10 (tax) + $35.00 (shipping)
Total: $338.09


NASA’s 50th Anniversary Piece of Apollo 11 by Artist Todd Krasovetz?


As Seen on NBC News art commemorating NASA’s 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 aired on 7.20.2019. CLICK on the image above and right to view artist Todd Krasovetz NBC news publication aired segment.


Artist Todd Krasovetz speaks to NBC News about Apollo 11 Click Below



NBC Publication of Todd Krasovetz





USAWOA: “Eagles Rising” by Todd Krasovetz

Military Art





Navy Corpsman & Battle Scenes


Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton Military Art Hospital Corpsmen mark 118th year. Artist Todd Krasovetz

Historically, Naval and Marine Corps scenes are very common and battle scenes and are mostly considered as a branch of marine art, for example. As a result, the development of other large types of military conflicts has led to new types of artwork. Portraying these, either in action or at rest, for example. In 20th century for example, wars and official war artists were retained to depict the military in action both on and off the battlefield.


What is the Importance Military Art & Artists?


The battle scene is one of the oldest types of art in developed civilizations. The suffering of casualties and civilians is a element that has taken much longer to develop. Depictions of anonymous soldiers away from the battlefield have been very common; since the introduction of military uniforms.  It is important to note, such works often concentrate on showing the variety of these. 



Battle At Roberts Ridge by Todd Krasovetz

Military Art & Artists of Today


As s result, these action causes society to increase the need for graphic media and it’s dominant in main steam media networks. To summarize, the suffering of casualties and civilians has taken much longer to develop. It is important to note, this applies to portraits of military figures as well. Click Below For More Info


Hollywood News!


“Recently, Walt Disney Pictures Commissioned artist Todd Krasovetz to produce art for the set of a popular TV show. See Battle at Roberts Ridge, “Wings of Hope” and “Hidden Wings” on the set and click Live News Article Angel Waiting. Oil on Canvas 35 x 48 inches. Limited Edition Prints Available. Read Press Here!


Featured Comments



I strongly recommend him for any art, illustration, or fine art project! Thank you again for the wonderful art Todd. I can’t wait to work with each other again.” Missy Ricker – Set Director “Army Wives” – ABC Studios, Hollywood, CA 

The Shared Mission Moving Forward

Our mission is to offer museum quality fine art to government, public and private entities worldwide. Please contact the artist for commission information and pricing.





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Please Feel Free To Contact The Artist For Commission & Print Orders - (480) 925-3610

Contact Artist Todd Krasovetz for Commission Information
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  • 750 B Street Suite #3400 San Diego, CA 92101


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